Yep, as expected, things are happening all around that are awaiting my attention….And they are proving to give me great insight, with some very small means….

Today I was at the local co-op deli pondering over the lunch faire when I realized a nearby woman was struggling to deal with some spilled straws.  She was in the midst of trying to wrangle her purse, a grocery item and the two crutches she was dependent upon when I came over to offer my help in collecting the mess.  I could quickly feel the presence of a subtle pride, mingling within the embarrassed smile that graced her soft face.  For a moment I felt uncomfortable suddenly…Should I have let her find resolve on her own?  Did I deny her the moment of independence?  Quickly as it came I let that go, and instead engaged her in light conversation about life, and crutches, and how isn’t it lovely the weather these days…As the straws were taken care of, and I was not unaware of the smoothie she was about to tackle getting up to the register…This along with her purse, grocery item..and oh yes, the crutches.  It didn’t take long to configure in one’s mind how this might end up, and I didn’t waste  a moment scooping up her things and letting her know I’d like to help her to the check stand.

Now one could ask why wouldn’t she have planned better and had a basket?  It’s not as though the crutches just snuck up on her anyway right?  Well, true…but then I’d be judging her, and the moment.  And I’m quickly seeing that judgements will only act as blinders on my vision.  They will only limit my potential to stay engaged.  And I wondered, as I carried her things, how many times we judge a moment around us, and how many times our judgements soothe us back into our tiny orbs so that we can just keep floating along…. “Oh, I’m sure he know’s how to change a tire” as we drive by the stranded man along the road… “She could get a job” as we pass the woman asking for change… “She seems to be doing fine herself” as we see the elderly woman putting her groceries into her trunk…. Maybe he doesn’t know a thing about tires, and maybe she’s homeless because she’s gone broke paying for medical bills, and maybe that senior citizen would just love someone to talk to for a few minutes…. And maybe none of it true.. But our judgements only limit the potential of a reality waiting to happen…I’m not preaching to anyone other than myself right now, 😉 as I realize something important about this project…. It’s not just my fears, and desire to keep life cozy and controlled in my own orb…It’s my judgements that have held me back from engaging in the web when I’ve wanted to.  And I wonder, how many others know this story too?  And is this another wall we can take down?

So there we were, the woman, her straws, and me…two strangers sharing nothing profound, nothing that took a great deal of time or energy…but sharing a moment linked together, outside our comfy orbs, and knowing it or not, we were lighting up the web….And nothing could have felt better than that, as simple as it was..