Sometimes things can’t be more obvious, and simultaneously impossible to see until the moment has passed… In this lil’ orb’s opinion it’s one of life’s best played tricks…

Today’s trick is about a guy with a guitar, and some kids from the Maidu tribe and their sign parade, all  bundled into a heartfelt hug…and lest not forget more lessons for me… (keep it coming world, I’m loving this!!!)

How many times have we walked, sat, or danced alongside someone who’s fingers strummed the sweetness of a Gibson guitar?  And how many times have we tossed some change, or even dollars, at their feet?  Or haven’t, and just kept walking by… Music is a treasure of infinite healing potential, and something that exists everywhere in the universe and yet too is so often taken for granted… All around us sound is vibrating at incredibly complex frequencies.  And our friend, the street musician, is harnessing some of that majick just for us… I know I’ve been guilty of rushing by, of having so much to get done that I can’t stop and celebrate this great moment of musical sweetness.

Tonight I wasn’t letting the flurry of action distract me from embracing the moment.  literally.  I paused a few steps after him, and inspired to add some sparkle to his world, decided I’d give him extra dollars than I normally would, and a hug.  But even for this girl, who is a hug fanatic,  swarming a complete stranger with the enthusiasm of my embrace had it’s moment of hesitation.  (Note to self: random hugging could be a day well spent in the future..)  As I paused, both to soak in his charming song and to invoke the courage for my uninvited hugging, some children walked by in front of me…They were holding signs advocating for something relevant to the local Maidu tribe.  Their signs were of the endearing kind, that only a child’s heart and hand can create, and that much I read.  But what they were trying to convey in the sign parade missed me completely, because I was too focused on my music man and that dang hug… One of the children and I made eye contact, like one of those moments in a movie when the story line completely changes pace and everything slows down for a second.  But snapped back to reality I kept on track and approached the  guy with his guitar, gave him my monetary offering and yes, the hug…Yep, I caught him off guard but I didn’t let go…And his laughter told me he got it.  That the hug held valuable far beyond what dollars might convey.  And I believe the web sparkled, while the children kept walking their signs down the street.

But then as quickly as the exchange warmed my heart it was consumed by a wave of realization…This was a great moment, and a perfectly proper thing to do for this project, so what could be wrong? It was those children, and their signs…I realized that THEY were what the universe wanted me to help…but by now the troupe had disappeared into the darkness of the night, and the opportunity gone.  Oh no!! Could it have been that I saw something that seemed like the cookie cutter example of this projects mission, and gotten so fixated on it that I missed jumping in and helping those children carry on their sign parade?!  Okay, I just needed to take a moment… It might have been, and who knows what beauty may have come of it…  But I had to accept what was, and hold onto that bliss…(I still wonder though what they were walking for, and where it went…..)

Street Musician and Maidu Kids