For those that know me it’s no secret that I love antique stores, but thrift stores even better in many ways…. May be that I grew up on them, so they’re like an old friend that will always be there… Like how some kids in the 80’s grew up on The Flintstones and Jiffy….I grew up treasure hunting at second-hand stores and eating dehydrated fruit snacks…. I was challenged by some of it then, but adore it all now…And I was trained in treasure hunting well before it came the cool thing to do, so I like to think that gives me special hunting powers… 😉 BUT this is not about that is it?  Oy vey, when you give a girl her own web page….

Anyway, it’s not surprising that this ‘Ordinary Day’ found me… a thrift store.  And I had a whole cart full of treasures to try on… As per usual it was a pretty typical time of wishing something was a bit smaller, or bigger, and the finding those things that were just right. It was nearing the end of what was an obviously long day for the thrift store dressing rooms; they looked like a moderate tornado had swept through their peaceful multi roomed village.  (I always wondered what those kids were raised on…clearly not putting their things away…)  And I hoped that the woman left to pick up after them had some back up on the way…

While I was trying to help mitigate the mess left in my cubby, it was the least I could do, I overheard a woman expressively searching nearby for a missing jacket.  She reported it was taken off while trying on something and now was lost within the herd of cast aways…I quickly watched my judgement peak it’s attitude out, saucy little thing!, as it seeeeeemed she may have been a little less than fully present in full reality.  And the missing jacket report was on behalf of her daughter, who appeared to be struggling a bit too…I don’t know what may have been ‘affecting’ them, but it was clear we were on different realms at the moment….And it wasn’t the commonly felt ’thrift store delirium’…. And I’m a little embarrassed to say that in all truthfulness I wondered, could they be trying to scam the thrift store out of a free jacket? …Or were they just innocent perpetuates of the dressing room mayhem, and then victims to it’s hungry belly?  Well, I kissed my judgement on the lips, quieting it’s snarky self, and let it go….Literally as I was watching it fade away I looked down and the described jacket was laying before me… Meanwhile they had wandered off to see if the jacket might have found it’s way to the shoe aisle….With all previous notions, or ponderances, aside I felt joy for them–the natural response filled me…I swept up the jacket, on my way to reunite them… They were absolutely thrilled and grateful….really really thrilled. 😉

I didn’t wonder anymore about where they were at, whether they were raised to pick up after themselves, or if the jacket was always their’s or not…I just felt a simple happiness to bring them what they were looking for.  The rest is between them and the great cosmic universe to work out… An ‘Ordinary Day’ with maybe a little special sparkle, but sparkle nonetheless… 🙂