Project Mission: We are all woven in a web of experiences, each floating along it in our own little orb of reality, but none completely separate from the others…With that in mind, I don’t think there is such thing as a ‘random’ act of kindness… Oh boy, did I just say that? Some of you might be confused or put off by that…Hear me out… It’s when we take our blinders off and we step outside our cozy lil’ bubble that we can see with our soul and listen with our hearts…In those moments we see the need all around us and we can feel the heartache that pervades the web, and sometimes it’s just too much, or we assume our size is too small (see reference in the project history to kitten savers…) to have an impact…so we jump back into our orb and float on… But that need is not random and the potential of our effect infinitely unknown…I believe that need has been perfectly placed right there upon our hearts door, available and waiting for us to take the opportunity to give it our love… And when we choose to capture this moment and give it our all, the web gets stronger, and brighter…

My goal in this project to spend the next year helping illuminate the web in my own small, humble way…by hopefully adding some sparkle to an ordinary day…Through spontaneous and planned acts alike…And if this project inspires a highly calculated or totally spontaneous, small or large, act of kindness in someone else’s heart that will only enhance the vibrancy of the web and I’m sure no one will complain…So, I’m just an ordinary girl in her own tiny orb hoping that I can shake things up a bit…to challenge my comfort levels and question “why do I jump right back into my bubble, my safety orb?”….to keep my eyes closed, but my  soul and heart wide open..and in so hoping to help weave a web with a brighter today… ~ Bmarie

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